wtorek, 7 lutego 2012

Matte painting - just a try!



Paint me a photo ;)

Just a few illustrations used as photos in one of the in game cutscenes

Loading screens & concept art

Above: two loading screens for SAS game from City Interactive

Just a quick concept illustration

Few menu screens

Two menu screens I've made for City Interactive "first person shooters" ;)

poniedziałek, 6 lutego 2012

Album covers I've made for my band

Vesania "Distractive Killusions" - booklet + nadruk na płytę
(kliknij by powiększyć)

Vesania "God The Lux" - booklet + nadruk na płytę
(kliknij by powiększyć)

czwartek, 5 stycznia 2012

Some of my old stuff - MATTE PAINTING

House out of the way



City Center at night



niedziela, 20 listopada 2011

Old one :)

One evening in PS 7 :)

niedziela, 20 marca 2011

When the fantasy meets old cartoons...

...weird things happens ;)

Adobe Photoshop, and crappy pencil sketch.

For those who want to check the progress of making of:

piątek, 10 lipca 2009

ugly rocker

Photoshop CS3 - over 7 hours of fun

wtorek, 6 stycznia 2009

The Flying Island I Grew Up On...

... I did ?

My last picture. Quite sentimental ;)

PENCIL & PHOTOSHOP CS3 - it took me about 10 hours to "finish" this up.

just a couple of old one's

Lunch break at work :)

Another lunch break :)

both PHOTOSHOP CS3 - 40 minutes each

czwartek, 31 lipca 2008

piątek, 30 maja 2008


Photoshop CS3 - 2 hours

Hardly inspired by sick polish dude kolegaalek's style :) I recommend you to check his site HERE

Old Illustrations

Witch's House

Creepy Castle and Rincewind
(inspired by Don Seegmiller stuff - "Creepy Castle" art)

sobota, 12 kwietnia 2008


Photoshop CS3 - 2 hours

czwartek, 27 marca 2008

Zbig Ziobro

Photoshop CS3 - 4 hours

My first and unsuccessful try to make caricature of someone commonly known. It's so hard to distort someones face and trying to keep characteristics at the same time. So I've made something that is quite similar to Zbig Ziobro (politician) but this is not a caricature definitely... I guess I need to paint more and more :)

If you wanna see some exellent caricature examples please check Jason Seiler's blog

środa, 26 marca 2008

cRPG interface design

Photoshop CS3 - 1,5 hours

This is a quick try of some kind of interface design used sometimes in cRPG games ... (?!)

Fernando Potatos

Photoshop CS3 - 1,5 hour of fun :)

Geeeezzzz ... I was truly suprised when I found him in my basement ... At First I was trying to be nice to him but this rotten churl just spit on my smiled face and yell: "Knacker! You and Your Family are eating my brothers, my sisters, my children and grandchildren and ... and my great-grandchildren ... and their great-grandchildren and ... Aaaaarghhh!"

sobota, 22 marca 2008

Mr Garman Oldwhistle

Photoshop CS3 - 5 hours (more or less)

"... I'm Garman Oldwhistle and I'm deadly sad. Long time ago I've lost my magic whistle and still can't find it... Hundreds of years, Thousands of miles without my music... "

Mage Face

Photoshop CS3 - 1,5 hour of screaming "HOW BAD YOU ARE!! YOU STUPID FUCK!!"

My first tought was to make environmental scenery, but I wasn't able to handle it. Later I was trying to draw an ancient soldier and I failed again ... It reminds me how bad I am and how important the basics are!

... and yeah! These long hairs and the beard I drew to screen all it's soupoused to be beneath! Intentionally!

piątek, 21 marca 2008

Night Job - Ugly Face

Photoshop CS3 - 2 hours of work

Am I Handsome?

Photoshop CS3 - 2 hours of fun :)

Inspired by Ryan's Wood video tutorial which you can watch below. Atleast I've tried :D